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IT Support

Building and maintaining IT is now a vital part of any company.

Floor9Design have a wealth of experience in modern IT support including software help and training, hardware and PC support, home and business networking, internet/broadband setup and general office setup and management. We offer an ideal one-stop shop for companies, giving affordable and reliable IT Support and consultancy.

IT is often a headache for many companies. It is, however, vital to the world nowadays. Email, networking, web access... even simply printing a document can become a real hassle if your IT is not set up well.

Floor9Design are experts at providing IT support. We can repair and resolve PC issues with existing hardware and software, as well as advise on new projects and ideas. We can offer support and help with many aspects of office software, including: Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Windows (98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, CE etc), Linux (Ubuntu etc), Adobe Software, & many others.

From basic PC repair, through to installing a bespoke network of custom office equipment with PC support, Floor9Design can offer you a reliable, flexible and affordable IT support service.

An example Floor9Design IT Project

BlueCarrotMedia BlueCarrotMedia.com

As part of a company relaunch, BlueCarrotMedia moved office. They commisioned Floor9Design to handle a full review of their IT systems and to get them up and running as fast as possible.

With this in mind: Floor9Design organised appropriate phone & internet access, including cabled and Wi-Fi Laptop network access for their staff. Floor9Design also advised and oversaw the purchase of new PC equipment to a tight budget, including appropriate Phones, Laptops and network ready printers.

Furthermore, the company's important business data needed to be shared and backed up. Floor9Design were able to build a simple local server solution to a strict budget, giving the company the reliability, sharing and data resilience a modern company needs for a smooth, safe working office.

New installs and IT Upgrades

Floor9Design can advise and recommend IT upgrades to a budget that suits you...

IT support for Windows 7 systems

Extensive hardware experience

Floor9Design can build a custom PC to your exact specifications.

Hardware support and consultation

Home and Office Networking

Floor9Design can arrange, upgrade and consult you on your Networking and internet access needs.

Computer network design and analysis

Software and IT Support

Floor9Design can help you choose and install/run your software and offer comprehensive support.

Software and IT support

Make the most of your Office IT

Floor9Design can help you share printers, organise shared servers and generally make your office more IT efficient!

Office installations

Cross Platform IT Support

Floor9Design can help you with a range of operating systems, offering you a real choice...

Software and Operating system support

Have you thought about...

Often IT is neglected within a business... Unfortunately it also a pivotal part of many people's lives, & when it runs smoothly it can really make the difference. Also: part of the problem is that many people simply dont know about what is achieveable with a computer. Here are a few points that Floor9Design regularly advise and suggest to people to help their workspace:

Storage and Backup

Losing data on computers is quite a common problem. While it's often possible to recover data, this is never guaranteed. By setting up a proper backup procedure and setup its easy to give yourself a lifeline if the worst does happen.

A good way to do this is by having a shared computer, called a server, that you backup and save to. This has the added bonus that, given some sensible setting up, you can share this data with co workers should you want to! This really can help a business be more efficient as files and documents needn't dissapear when a collegue is on holiday!

Upgrades and System reviews

Computers can get clogged up and seem to slow over time. There are many reasons for this and quite a few of them can be quickly remedied! One of the most common problems that Floor9Design review is that of underperforming laptops and computers. Often a simple PC cleanup upgrade will fix this... It's certainly a lot cheaper than buying from new!